Alaska Tour

Journey through the Inside Passage and the Alaska glaciers

Travel duration 9 Days
Starting price 2.550,00 €

Inside Passage and Alaska Glaciers

Travellers know Alaska as the ‘land of the last frontier’. Teeming with nature, here you will find pristine islands, the most majestic of mountains, the strongest animals and the largest glaciers. Alaska is a land of extremes, with intense environmental conditions and unparalleled natural beauty, which reaches its height of colour and brilliance in the summer. You’ll be amazed when you see the striking blue glow of huge icebergs on a clear sunny day, or the incredible transparency of the crystal clear waters of the Mendenhall Glacier lakes. The journey that we offer is a curated collection of the best things to do and see in Alaska: Misty Fjords, Mendenhall Glacier, Glacier Bay, and a must-visit to beautiful Juneau.

Seeing icy Alaska glaciers is an ultimate Alaskan experience, and during this journey, once in Juneau, you’ll have the chance to some of the most inspiring Alaska glaciers: the Mendenhall and those in Glacier Bay National Park. A half-mile wide, Mendenhall Glacier feeds Mendenhall Lake, that hosts some icebergs in its calm waters. The glacier face ranges only from 5 to 200 feet tall, so no great calving takes place here.
Dozens of glaciers flow into Glacier Bay National Park waters and that’s where you can expect to watch great calving action from the various glaciers faces during your boat trip on the park waters, beside spotting the extraordinary fauna that thrives in this amazing environment: bears feeding along the tide line, mountain goats  near sea level and seals, sea lions and whales bustling about in the water.