Fishing trip

Hunting for billfishes in Central Pacific

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 3.670,00 €


SOLUTION N. 1,  1st class HOTEL COSTA RICA,  HOTEL 5 *****
Staying in this type of structure that is fully served and with many comforts, offers intense social life. You’re never alone, so lack of privacy .

The Hotel has all the facilities on the doorstep, with several restaurants, Spa and pool, game rooms, business centre etc. Is placed in the central part of the inhabited area, and as mentioned, is a place where you have the opportunity to socialize with other people, fishermen. While the evening is kinda limited enterntainment.
The Hotel as you can see from the pictures is placed in pleasant position, in the countryside and in front of a beautiful beach in the central part of Costa Rica, called Pacific Central.  If you want, you can go to one of the centers of the area for shopping or simply to vary a bit after the morning fishingAlong with option 2 Costa Rica, the chosen area is the best for fishing the billfishes during the required period, in particular for the Blue and Striped Marlin, and it is above all a great time for the Sailfish. You can also undermine other numerous species, including the giant and colorful Lampuga-Mahi Mahi, other bottom fish and the Yellowfin tuna, also called Albacore. There will not be much rest! The rest will be in the evening …..!
This second solution is that we believe more appropriate for the type of request. We chose an accomodation House with various solutions in the same locality in the central part of Costa Rica, the one with the best fishing in the requested period. Will be solutions with large rooms, 60/70 square meters, with patio and terrace always surrounded by greenery and facing the beach. In this case the privacy is absolute, the service here is impeccable, and you can make use of services, like wireless connection, pool and massage in room plus a providential and useful catering in room. But, depending on the condo you choose, we will walk to the Resort area, even for a Restaurant, but you can also rent the Golf Cart. However, the routes do not exceed 10 minutes on foot. The rooms, overall very nice, are complete with living area and bathrooms, sometimes 2, and are very large. For fishing there is no difference with the Hotel Option. Same area, same boats same season.
This of Panama is a combined solution, which is the same lodge offering fishing. So we are in a Fishing Lodge, one of the best in the world for this type of fishing and from here we leave to go fishing in the morning. This lodge is famous mainly for two reasons:
are lucky enough to have a particular area from pelagic standpoint. The fish approach more in this area where there are large amounts of food more than others, but I would say especially because they work for over 30 years and, second, the Marlin is guaranteed! Evidently their commercial choice proves correct, otherwise it would have already failed. The only drawback of this place, which is very well known, may be in an environment a little too full of tourists. Regarding the privacy, medium. Since you will always be with so many people, I would say quite wealthy and mostly in groups of friends. Up to you to decide. The lodge is quite nice, especially as mentioned above has a perfect atmosphere for fishing. The boats instead, contrary to what may seem like the price very high, are lower than those of class captains in Costa Rica. Is what we’re looking for ?
All these proposals are held at locations equipped with all amenities, restaurants, bars, taxi transport and equipped for every need or emergency.

Arrival in San José, transfer by Limousine to fishing resorts, 2 hours round trip (option, by helicopter). 7 nights in a suite overlooking the sea in Hotel 5 ***** provided by SPA and all comfort on a half board basis, with Golf course overlooking the sea and a beautiful private beach, with adjacent pool and fine dining Restaurant, business center, Internet stations. 6 days of guided fishing with Captain Premium Guide IGFA, on boat with cockpit and bridge cabin cruiser from 32 to 36 feet with air conditioning. Snacks and lunch box on board.
All daily transport from the Hotel to the fishing dock included.
6 days, if necessary, of Golf Cart rental
Arrival in San José, Limousine transfer from airport to fishing resorts roundtrip (optional helicopter). 7 nights in a suite overlooking the sea in condos with all the comforts and the possibility of Catering for half board. All the solutions are with pool and walking distance to Restaurant. Fully equipped Business Office, possible. 6 Days guided fishing with Captain Premium Guide IGFA on boat with cockpit and bridge cabin cruiser from 32 to 36 feet with air conditioning. Snack and lunch box on board. All daily transport from the Hotel to the fishing dock included 6 Days rent Golf carts to get to the Centre – 5 minute walk.
Arrival at the airport of Panama, and transfer to Hotel Sheraton in Panama City. 1 night at the Sheraton, luxury room with dinner in your room or at the restaurant of the Hotel. The morning after, charter flight to get to the lodge in less than 1 hour flight.
6 nights in suite room, opposite the beautiful Bay, with all comfort in half board. Every evening dinners are served with wines from around the world. Several swimming pools and bars.
6 Days guided fishing with the famous captains of the lodge on boat fisherman about 24/28 feet  with stations for fishing and covered deck. Snacks and lunch Box on board. In the morning of the 8th day, return by plane to Panama.