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Travel Styles

Engaged in ecologically sustainable tourism and adventure, Le Rêve House travels include a wide range of outdoor activities to meet the needs of those travelers who are not content with admiring views and attractions from the windows of their cars or from various means of transport, but they wish to immerse themselves in nature that are gradually discovering. 
We will make you approach orcas and whales and even caress them, on kayaks, on typical Mexican lances or on fast zodiac inflatable boats. Launch yourself on steel cables between the highest peaks of trees of lush forests, ride a horse, go trekking or pedaling along the striking Rocky Trails, run over the dunes of Oregon in dune buggies, dive into the clear waters of a cenote in Yucatan, be watching the colorful wildlife of the second longest coral reef in the globe... In short, the list is very long and, as you say, there is only the embarrassment of choice.



A safari trip to North America? Exactly what awaits you in one of our many observations trips. Travels to look closely amazing animals, free in their environment who live their life in a completely natural way, almost ignoring our presence. Try just once the incredible excitement this experience will give you. During our travels, focused on eco-excursion, you will be in touch with a rich, strong and uncontaminated nature, practicing outdoor and sports activities while experiencing very intense emotions. There will be proposals for many activities, almost all connected to the Eco-Excursion, such as walking, horseback or by boat, but also in kayak to be able to observe a very fascinating nature.



The common denominator of our trips is the adventure. In territories that seem to be made to live it. In addition, we put all of our efforts to ensure that your adventure takes place in the utmost security. For those who are preparing to plan an important trip, choosing the right company is the most important issue. Not by chance, the word "adventure"  appears in company name. We are an experienced travel agent for West Canada and West USA, Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico and Polynesia destinations, leaving from Italy, with 24 hours assistance, 7 days a week. The Rêve House Adventure is also particularly committed in ensuring the maximum safety even in the most exciting and breathtaking adventures.  



Traveling with our family and share with our loved ones unforgettable emotions is a unique and extraordinary experience that will become part of your family common cultural heritage. Moreover, the family travels of Le Rêve House Adventure are designed to be suitable for each family member, from younger to senior.



The honeymoon... a special and unique trip by definition.  A trip that can not be spotted by any kind of inconvenience, not only, must also be enriched with special attention. Ours, start from our famous ROAD BOOK. Furthermore, a wedding trip with Le Rêve House Adventure is especially enriched by the wonderful Nature, the protagonist of our destinations. this very important detail will create, thanks to our attention, the ideal Wedding Journey for you. For those who want the beginning of a life union, on the thread of fascinating experiences and strong emotions, our offer regarding Honeymoons is ideal. The newlyweds, during these trips will be in contact with a rich, strong and uncontaminated nature with the possibility of practicing outdoor activities. All of this will make you live intense emotions. You can then walk along golden sandy beaches, admiring fabulous sunsets, dine on terraces overlooking lakes in the moonlight or indulge in the warm attention of expert hands for massage treatments in luxurious Spa centers. The most important journey of your life ill be a continuous succession of unforgettable emotions.



Guided tours, organized directly by Le Rêve House, with our experienced Italian speaking local guides. The formula we have studied sums up... in a fantastic travel experience in the comfort of a guided tour with a small group of friends. An unforgettable trip, free from the problems you may encounter by crossing places so far unknown. Assisted from arrival to departure, you will have you own guide. 



The cruises chosen by Le Rêve House are perfectly complementary to the journeys they are matched to and constitute the ideal continuation. They take place mainly in the Alaskan arm of the Inside Passage, but some continue to Seward, an ideal starting point to reach central alaska or Katmai Park. Ships perform several stopping in ports from which to start for exciting excursions.



Besides their modern infrastructures, their beautiful ski slopes and top class lodges, West Canada resorts are renowned for its finest snow - snow powder or champagne snow. This is the result of the particular climatic conditions of the territory, so sought after mostly by off-tracks lovers. The heli-skiing, which here has been practiced for many years, is ideal for enjoying the full potential of this particular snow. Neverthless, the British Columbia and A lberta ski resorts also meet he needs of lovers of a more traditional skiing and snow-boarder.



Scenes of ordinary everyday life in British Columbia: fishing bears on the banks of a remote river between breathtaking scenarios. Fly-fishing and spinning in the estuaries of these rivers with gigantic silver and steelhead with killer whales leaping on the rocks to predate salmons, which do against current.