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West Canada Tour | Rocky Mountains and Victoria

Rocky Mountains Tour, Victoria and Vancouver Our”Rocky Mountains Tour” starting from lively and modern Vancouver, it develops within the Western Canada, between the coast and the Rocky Mountains, from the fertile and “Mediterranean” Okanagan region to reach the Parks of Rockyes. One of them , Jasper Park, èmore extensive than the well-known Yellowstone and boasts a richer […]

Travel duration 11 Days - Starting price.. 1.550,00 €
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Canada and Alaska | From Vancouver to Denali Park

This trip is for those who want to see the best of Alaska but still want to visit the pearl of the West Coast: Vancouver, Canada. After spending two days in the city – considered for the past ten years to have the highest standard of living in the westernized world – you will start […]

Travel duration 8 Days - Starting price.. 2.250,00 €
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Canada Tour offer | British Columbia and Alberta, the West Coast and the Canadian Rockies

British Columbia and Alberta, the West Coast and the Canadian Rockies This proposal is a version of what we consider our “flagship” according to the success it has among our guests. We did our best to keep the same quality of service while lowing down the budget rate. We start from Vancouver, a bright and […]

Travel duration 12 Days - Starting price.. 2.070,00 €
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Cruise to Alaska and West Coast Parks

During this tour, you’ll have seventeen days to enjoy exploring Alaska and its surrounding areas from a unique point of view: the ocean. You will set out on a magnificent cruise for this destination that also includes a visit to many West Coast Parks. Depart from Seattle to the ice of Glacier Bay, and on […]

Travel duration 17 Days - Starting price.. 3.350,00 €
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All-inclusive journey to Alaska | A cruise from Vancouver to Denali

Our Trip to Alaska is all-inclusive and designed for those who do not want to miss any of the wonderful Northwest Coast of Canada and best of Alaska while still staying within a reasonable budget. After arriving at the airport in Vancouver, you will transfer to your hotel. You will spend your first two days touring […]

Travel duration 11 Days - Starting price.. 3.150,00 €
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Alaska Tour | Journey through the Inside Passage and the Alaska glaciers

Inside Passage and Alaska Glaciers Travellers know Alaska as the ‘land of the last frontier’. Teeming with nature, here you will find pristine islands, the most majestic of mountains, the strongest animals and the largest glaciers. Alaska is a land of extremes, with intense environmental conditions and unparalleled natural beauty, which reaches its height of […]

Travel duration 9 Days - Starting price.. 2.550,00 €
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