Cruise to Alaska and West Coast Parks

Travel duration 17 Days
Starting price 3.350,00 €

Seventeen days to enjoy exploring Alaska and the surrounding area, from another point of view: the ocean . Yes, because we organize for you a cruise for this destination that includes the West Coast Parks too. From Seattle on the ship to the ice of Glacier Bay, while, on return, we will continue to Oregon and California, and during the journey, among the wonders we will see there will be even the largest trees in the world.
Most visitors are enchanted especially in front of the Inside Passage, with its fjords inhabited by wildlife and its islands, with dense vegetation. You can see the collared eagles, the sea lions the whales and the porpoises. This is the area of the Tlingit, Haida and Tsmishian Indians, with their characteristic and famous totems. The tour goes between the icebergs of Glacier Bay and the forests of Tongass National Park, the largest in North America…
The second part of the itinerary reaches the USA territory among incredible trees, such as sequoia, fir, maple and alder. Most of these plants, besides being particularly long-lived, are among the highest in the world. They remain protected within national parks in the States of Oregon and California. During the tour, you will see the huge spruce trees of the Ecola State Park, the Douglas fir trees of the Tillamouk State Forest, the Siuslaw National Forest and the tallest pine in the world, at Rogue River National Forest in Oregon. In California the sequoia, also among the highest plants on the planet, in the parks of the North, with the famous “General Sherman” and “General Grant” in the Sequoia and King Canyon National Parks in the South. They have an age between 2300 and 2700 years!
The area is also the grizzly habitat, of gray whales, blue whales and humpbacks, deers, gray wolves and sea otters. The parks and reserves of Santa Cruz Mountains, to the south of San Francisco, are populated by jays, hawks, peaks, owls, salamanders, millipedes, newts, raccoons, deers, squirrels, skunks, rabbits, opossum, wild pigs, coyotes, lynxes and mountain lions.Also beautiful is the Kings Canyon National Park, where most of the species present are rare and the show is guaranteed.