Organized Tours Canada – LRHA Guided Tours of West Canada

Dear traveler,
even this year we have one Guided Tour in West Canada in our offer of organized trips to Canada and like every year, we have proposed it with a little novelty.It’s not a big deal as we say in marketing, but it is a small and exciting addition so we can say that we are proposing a new product this year too.

However, we know that it can not be a small excursion, though exciting as it is that of Rotunda Sky on the Rockies, to make the difference between ours and our competitors’ travels.

In fact one of the reasons why you are approaching with interest this trip is the explanation that follows the title of the trip.

“Guided Tour… in small groups of Max 12/14 Pax” this is why the trip will never resemble the tour organized by the neighborhood parish, with 45/60 participants.

On our tours, a small group of people meet on arrival and after the first courteous exchange of greetings, it soon becomes confident and in a few days, the one who was born as a nice travel knowledge, it turns, sometimes, in a occasion to start a true relationship of friendship. Go to dinner to remember the adventures you have lived together and / or even start traveling together …

The substance of the journey, the real reason why a customer chooses our travel destinations among many other tourist market proposals, is their quality content.