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Organized tours to Costa Rica

Friends of Le Rêve House Adventure, ask for even more adventure? Even more dream? Then, we go to Costa Rica, to answer the Mother Nature call !

Costa Rica is a small country but endearing for its incredible environmental riches, which boasts a large amount of breathtaking scenery and is a happy country, known for the kindness of its inhabitants, nicknamed Ticos.

Located between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, here you can explore the beautiful humid forests, enveloped by the proverbial Misty clouds and the rain forest, where nature is so overbearing. Here you can admire the majestic volcanoes - Irazù, Turrialba, Barva, Poàs, Arenal, etc. - and spend time relaxing on its fabulous beaches. As a tropical Ark, Costa Rica hosts a number of animals and birds so surprising that you might think that the only thing missing is the voice of David Attenborough! We will meet with its exotic animals almost everywhere, but national parks offer the best opportunities. So if we want to see turtles and jungle, we will go to Tortuguero National Park, or the Jaguars, whales, or do we want the whale-watching and hiking (or even admire the beautiful Macaw, or Ara) will go in Corcovado National Park, to enjoy an incredible animal watching experience!

Your holiday in Costa Rica with Le Rêve House Adventure also includes thrilling adventures, made safely, such as rafting (Manuel Antonio National Park), paragliding (in Arenal Volcano National Park) hiking and explorations from the top of the rainforest, tours to learn about the volcanoes ( Tenorio Volcano National Park, which offers visitors also hiking, rainforest and hot springs) or relaxing days at the beach (Valdearenas, with sandy beach and Canallave, frequented by surfers...), diving, underwater fishing, snorkeling (Coconut Island), things that will make us feel different on our return.


Here's a country whose main motto is environmental protection, respect for the life and well-being of the population. This gift of nature reveals itself in its most beautiful scenery - a volcano overlooking the ocean and... the palette of colors ranging from blue to the green of lush forests. Dense forests, pristine beaches, great exuberant fauna and flora...

Behind this scenario lies a country where life is sweet, where tourists never feels uncomfortable. A healthy country, a true democracy, a vibrant economy, where goods are shared. Education, health, sustainable development, civil rights... Costa Rica is today the most egalitarian country in Central America . A quarter of the land is classified as a national park or nature reserve, with the ambition to protect larger areas. It is undoubtedly thanks to this structure of life, a true Eden, that the population retains its benevolence.

The discovery of Costa Rica should be made in three dimensions: the man, the natural and the spiritual, which is never far away. A way of life which results in the national motto: "¡Pura Vida! "