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Kayaking Adventure trip among Orcas

Travel duration 13 Days
Starting price 2.900,00 €

Imagine waking up one morning with the sound of a humpback whale swimming just under your tent near the ocean. The same day a group of orcas will swim silently beside your kayak, shortly afterwards followed by a bald eagle swooping from above on the water and holding a salmon. All this can happen during a Kayak Adventure Tour among killer whales, with Le Reve House Adventure.

A top-level explorative adventure trip: 13 days full of exciting excursions </ strong> like in each of our trip. This offer focuses on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. In the waters surrounding the southern part of this vast reserve in Johnstone Strait will take place – for four of the 13 days of travel – a group exploration with experienced guides along this stretch of coast, on board kayaks.

A safe trip-adventure. You can paddle among humpback whales, sea lions and many dolphins – including acrobatic oblique-toothed dolphins – besides observing at close distances even land animals, such as black bears and deer surprised along the cliffs to feed. The real stars of kayak tours organized virtually for them, will be Orcas, fascinating and mysterious creatures of these waters. Approach these amazing animals safely, observing them in all their magnificent and powerful beauty.
Fun for everybody!