Western Canada

Grizzlies and Orcas of the West Coast

Travel duration 10 Days
Starting price 1.750,00 €

VANCOUVER ISLAND, the most beautiful island of North America, rated as Top North America Island by Condè Nast Traveller. As big as two Italian regions, it deserves its international fames for the beauty and variety of its locations and for the almost incomparable scenarios of wildlife. On the island, there is Victoria, the current capital of British Columbia.Vancouver Island counts several exclusive resorts magnificently located between the coast, in front of the beautiful Sounds and its most amazing parks, such as the Pacific Rim and the Strathcona Park. In these resorts you will be able to spend your holidays relaxing completely in elegant structures build in fine and nice-smelling woods and equipped with high-level SPAs. You will also be able to exploit the magnificence of these locations by going on adventures in particular tours to discover the unique and untouched nature between Vancouver Island and the mother coast of British Columbia, especially in the low area of the Great Bear Rainforest. This beautiful area is inhabited by fascinating creatures such as Grizzly bears, Kermode’s albino bears and giant moose or, in the sea, 3 species of whales and the amazing Killer Whales, sea lions and seals.
Furthermore, the species of trees in this park are among the rarest in the world and trees around here often reach the height of 30 floors and an age of over 1500 years.