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The Travel and Adventure Professionals, “Le Reve House Adventure” tour operator, that employs expert guides can lead you to the most beautiful places and rarely visited, this year recommend Mexico , a country with countless facets, who knows how to welcome visitors. The Mexicans are kind and kind, from the shopkeeper to the simple passerby, from rich to poor, help you in all ways, and no one gives you trouble. As a tourist you are invisible and after all unnoticed. The Mexico is crossed by picturesque and well maintained highways which pass through small towns, open fields, and wheat fields swaying. The back roads can often be the most rewarding way to see the country, offering a glimpse of rural life and serene landscape.

Along with the natural beauty you can see the traces of past peoples from the inexhaustible charm and timeless, like the Maya or the Aztecs, among others, and visit their beautiful archaeological sites: the incredible pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan, the ancient cities of the peninsula of Yucatàn, like Palenque, Chichen Itza and Uxmal, testifying to the grandeur and complexity reached by these lost civilizations. Noteworthy are the Jesuit missions of the late 1600 's and the famous Cenotes, large mysterious pristine freshwater wells, so formed, it seems, due to the fall of the famous meteorite that caused the extinction of dinosaurs.


Don't miss the Riviera Maya , also on the Yucatàn Peninsula, with its clear turquoise waters and its fine sand, one of Mexico's top destinations for scuba diving and snorkeling. And what about Baja California? A picture-postcard country, with rugged mountains and valleys, multicolored shimmering deserts with countless cactus as big as trees and... the Mex1! The towns are really few and far and it is very impressive the atmosphere away from everything and everyone that comes over the central part of the Baja, unforgettable.The Mexico is a great country with a wide range of climatic zones. The weather at sea level tends to be warm all year round, so for the whole year is suitable to the beach. Mexican cuisine is very varied, tasty and delicious and the dishes vary from city to city, with recipes and regional menus that differ greatly among themselves and are always served with tortillas, arroz (rice) and frijoles (beans). The food is not all spicy, but is accompanied with different sauces which may increase the degree of 'danger'.

All this with Le Reve House Adventure is within your reach. With us, travelling means going in search of adventure, SAFELY , with operators and guides who know perfectly the territory and who can take you where others do not arrive, with an idea of eco-sustainability sought even in places where to stay. Professionalism, availability and accessibility of Le Reve will allow you to make the journey to discover, hike in unique locations, observing animals in the wild and stay in places of dream. But there is also the possibility to customize the trip you want to do, have thought about it, to put it on your own. Ask what you want to do and Le Reve House will accommodate you!




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