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British Columbia: the Inside Passage & National Parks

Travel duration 15 Days
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British Columbia with its amazing nature, luxuriant atmospheres and ecosystems, has a huge green area, specifically designed for parks and sanctuaries. This area covers a third of the whole region and includes more than 60 million hectares of forests (an area which is as big as Italy) where you will find more than 40 species of trees (some of them are 2000 years old) and a natural heritage which is  the richest on earth. The greatest offer in terms of parks within all Canada is here: starting with the Rocky Mountains, within the Kootenay National Park and the amazing locations of Banff and Jasper. These are certainly the most visited parks in the world, together with the parks in the Western US. These places are definitely to be visited at least once in your life. Yoho National park (in Banff), Kootenay National park, Mount Robson, Mount Assiniboine, Lake Louise and Moraine Lake are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Western Canada. The Rocky mountains, are certainly similar to the European Alps in terms of beauty and height, but perhaps more impressive. You might like to know, that the rocks in the Rocky Mountains are very similar to the ones present in the Dolomites and that, in summer, when the sun sets, you can admire this spectacular rock getting pink and literally paints all sky with its intense color.