West Grand Tour – California, Arizona, Nevada

Travel duration 19 Days
Starting price 2.890,00 €

The Great American Tour , starts from California by offering travelers a wide range of choises: whatever we are enthusiastic about, activities in nature, culture or gastronomy, the Golden State will attract us. The waters in front of its coastline are perfect for surfing, sailing and swimming. Sierra Nevada magnificent mountains are a paradise for skiers and snowboarders in winter and hikers and cyclists in summer. Protected parks, with the highest living creatures – the large sequoia, are crossed by innumerable “trails” for beginner or experienced trekkers.
Those who like wildlife can observe it in protected parks, natural habitat of bears, wolves, deer, squirrels, but also in the beautiful Monterey Aquarium, loved by children. In the southern part of the state visitors can admire the splendor of the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, the lowest point in North America, 280 feet below sea level.
If you love culture, you will find a “treasure” of activities in the Golden State – from the exhibitions of Museum and Art Gallery to contemporary handicraft shops and antiques, from theater, dance and music shows to training centers and aquarium displays. Concerning music, the international concert halls of Los Angeles and San Francisco are known all over the world. Nevada is best known for Las Vegas, the city of unbridled fun that you can visit during this trip. In addition to the “Bellagio” hotel and casino known for its spectacular fountains, you will admire the hotels that represent the scenery of Italian cities. One of the most beautiful – “The Venetian” – recreates St. Mark’s Square and its canals and allows visitors to ride the gondola around the hotel complex. Among other places of great interest in Nevada, the Red Rock Canyon National Preserve and the Valley of Fire State Park stand out.
In Arizona you can not miss the Grand Canyon, the second national park in the USA. Its morphology is one of the most unusual and particular. In fact, this is a profound splitting generated by the Colorado River in millions of years. Beware of temperatures: in the summer they reach 120 ° F! In addition to the Grand Canyon, amongst the spectacular natural beauty of Arizona, there are also Petrified Forest, Saguaro National Park, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park and Antelope Canyon. Also worth seeing are the archaeological sites of American Indians such as Canyon de Chelly, Montezuma Castle National Monument, Palatki and Awatovi Ruins. If you want to visit Jesuit missions, you will go to the Tumacàcori National Historical Park and the ruins of the Los Santos Angeles de Guevavi Church, which dates back to 1691.
Our Trip, USA Grand Tour,will let you know all this and much more. Starting with Los Angeles with its Studio’s, the Celebrities villas, art, music and cooking, you will go east along the Mohave Desert to end up in Arizona and make you thrill with the wonders of the Grand Canyon. So in Nevada, to dive in the glamour and entertainment industry of Las Vegas. When you return to California, you will immerse yourself in the extraordinary wild nature of Death Valley, followed by Yosemite Park, with its gem, Lake Tahoe. Then the “highest living beings in the world” – giant sequoia – are waiting for you in the Mendocino National Forest, the southernmost tip of the Red Woods. San Francisco will then welcome you beyond the famous Golden Gate. After visiting the metropolis attractions, without forgetting a visit to the sadly known island of Alcatraz, you will immerse yourself again in nature for an excursion between the ancient and very high trees of the Sequoia National Park. The tour will end there where it started, to give you the chance to discover L.A. more deeply.