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Costa Rica Tropical Rainforest

Travel duration 12 Days
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Costa Rica is one of the smallest states in Central America. Its coasts on the Pacific, with numerous promontories and peninsulas, which give rise to numerous white sandy beaches and bays, have favored the development of numerous hospitality facilities and offer the possibility of practicing numerous activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, excursions of observations, etc. … in a non aggressive way for the environment. On the contrary, the morphology of the eastern coast of the country does not favor the development of seaside tourism. Anyway,Costa Rica’s tourist offer and attractions are not confined to the splendid beaches. Its territory is rich in an extraordinary diversity of lakes, volcanoes, rain forests and tropical forests (tropical) that host numerous animal and plant species, some endemic species, others endangered and make it one of the most important territories world for biodiversity. Hummingbirds, butterflies, sloths, four species of monkeys, ant-bear, armadillas, jaguars, ocelot, snakes, giant lizards, crocodiles, caimans. Among the birds, the shining quetzal, the brown pelican, the parrot, the tucano, the vulture and the “jacana” of the north. In the sea swimming giant turtles, green turtles, sea turtles, hampback whale, spotted dolphins, dolphins “bottle nose”, bears, blue whales and sharks. Long, but incomplete list! In order to protect this extraordinary heritage, the country, through a peculiar environment policy, has many national parks, land and marine areas, protected area, fauna huts, Biosphere reserves, etc. Some of these protected parks have been declared a human heritage by UNESCO, namely:
– Reserva de Cordillera de Talamanca-La Amistad / Parque National de la Amistad (1983, 1990)
– Parque Nacional de la Isla del Coco (1997, 2002)
– Zona de conservación de Guanacaste (1999, 2004) (which you can visit on this trip with a self-managed excursion from Playa Flamingo)
– Precolombian stone settlements Sfere del Diques (2014)
The Tortuguero National Park deserves a special mention and is located on the Atlantic coast of the country, Area de conservacion Tortuguero, park famous among other things, especially because turtles lay eggs on its beaches.