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Polar Bears & Beluga Whales in Canadian semi-arctic tundra

Heritage Lodge, the starting point of our adventure is strategically situated on the Hudson Bay coast, not very far from Seal river estuary. An ideal start for the best whale watching in the world. Seal river estuary is about six marine miles away from the lodge and during summer, thousands of White beluga Whales gather […]

Durata 8 Giorni
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Viaggio avventura canada
Nature Grande Slam in North America: Grizzly, polar bears & beluga whales.

Once arrived in Vancouver, the young and dynamic economic capital of British Columbia, you will have an immediate and first contact with the West Coast culture thanks to the presence of some sculptures and totems welcoming you at Vancouver International airport. This explorative route is going to be a naturalistic expedition rather than a […]

Durata 14 Giorni
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