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Polar Bears & Beluga Whales in Canadian semi-arctic tundra

Travel duration 8 Days

Heritage Lodge, the starting point of our adventure is strategically situated on the Hudson Bay coast, not very far from Seal river estuary. An ideal start for the best whale watching in the world. Seal river estuary is about six marine miles away from the lodge and during summer, thousands of White beluga Whales gather there. In the same season, famed polar bears can be seen in the area together with many other animal species and wild plants. This excursion will be one of the most exclusive adventures in the semi-arctic tundra.

Your tour can take place from the beginning of July until mid August. 

A great adventure among bears, belugas, birds, white belugas and polar bears in their search for preys. You will also see other animals proudly and elegantly walking such as spectaculars flocks of caribou, red and arctic foxes, and lots of birds such as  the white arctic partridge, Smith’s Longspur and Bonaparte’s Seagulls. During this adventure, it is quite usual  for birdwatchers to spot more than 100 different species of birds. Keep your eyes wide open to also see or hear wolves howling in the distance.

The wonderful bears, the biggest carnivore mammals in the planet, made famous by their aggressive territorial nature, are quite interested in Belugas, though for “slightly” different reasons. You will often find yourself throwing stones at belugas to warn them of the close danger and make them swim away from fierce bears in their chase. Just as often, some of these apparently meek carnivores come just outside the lodge: it is normal here. They’re maybe attracted by the good smell of food cooked by our chief cook Jeanne.

The extraordinary event that takes place every year in Hudson bay, the gathering of thousands of Manitoba beluga whales and many polar bears, turn this experience into a memorable moment for those who are so lucky to be there.

Thanks to your lodge distance from the renowned village, you will be  able to use  a large territory of the Seal River itself for our wild watching excursion: a territory within which animals can come close as they are not disturbed by the confusion of the town in summer. Of course, our guests can use our two boats for the excursions.

You will swim with belugas. Guests who wish to have this experience, will wear our special thermal suit and, attached to a sturdy rope, they will confidently swim near these fascinating and likeable whales. They are so friendly that you can swim with them and among them. Obviously, this experience can be one of the most fascinating and unique in the world. These animals are so meek that whole group of students and children could also share this experience.

Some expert ethologists and photographers will be with you during this adventure and help you understand 
this spectacular nature and give their contribution to capture, with your camera, rare images of these fascinating moments.