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Fishing trip

Hunting for billfishes in Central Pacific

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 3.670,00 €

Fishing for Marlin and others billfish in Central America – Panama and Costa Rica

You can certainly say that deep sea fishing at Marlin and others billfish,  in the area between Costa Rica and Panama, is by far the best in the world. It is particularly rich in the summer period, from the middle of December until the beginning of April, with a peak from the end of December to March.

The areas that we looked at, especially the Costa Rica, are the most protected from Northern winds which sometimes constitute a problem for fishing. We then focused towards large inlets along the coast, with sheltered bays, from the Center to the southern coast. As mentioned, here the fishing is particularly rich, even for the usual and smart regulation Catch & Release, a real credit and tradition of these countries.

It is not at all uncommon during one day of fishing to come across 10/15 examples of sailfish and Kingfish, as also in the giant Blue Marlin, or more likely, in its magnificent variety streaked. Other wonderful local prey quite common, are the giant yellowfin tuna, Roosterfish, the great cockscomb, large Wahoo, various types of groupers and other fish of large tonnage, including our knowledge-the Mediterranean-present in abundance even in these waters, large Amberjack! Last but not least, the beautiful Dorado, our Dolphin-fish or the Mahi Mahi, the fabulous fish with a thousand colours.

Both Panama and Costa Rica have a large number of records, registered IGFA, about these prey. Marlin of over 1000 pounds are caught each season. Fishing can be done from a fishing lodge particularly famous but also very touristic. As is our custom, we try to find the best fishing situation. We seek, therefore, the best accommodation in the area. In Costa Rica there are several quite famous lodges. We must always deal with the seasons and exposure to the North wind, which in this period often blows in more northern destinations of our interest. Having to choose more protected areas to the south (with crystal clear waters) we considered to central areas between Quepos and Los Suenos, the best in Costa Rica. Here we have identified, thanks to special research, some offshore fishing captains of the highest level, helped in this research by our knowledge in IGFA. The variety of prey of these seas is really great !!!

We then chose the area of Los Suenos, and we spotted a very prestigious IGFA certified captain. We entered into an agreement with him for our proposal in this area. The guides selected by us are among the best in North America, guarantee of success in every trip.