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Canada and USA: Great Parks

The Rockies and Yellowstone

Travel duration 18 Days
Starting price 3.780,00 €

This proposal presents an ideal twinning between the “father of all nature parks”, Yellowstone, and its younger but no less spectacular follower, the Canadian Rockies. Spectacular: this an adjective which is certainly abused in the presentation of tours and excursions, but also seems appropriate to this route, which boasts the great diversity and variety of eco-cultural and naturalistic experience. The adventure starts with Writing on the Stones Provincial Park, Alberta, near the border with the United States, a place which is extremely important anthropologically and culturally, as well as spiritually since most of its territory is sacred to the native Blackfoot.
Immediately after, the trip will dive farther into prehistory, in Dinosaur Provincial Park, one of the most important sites in the world for the discovery and study of dinosaur fossils and other animals species. And then, there will be something different and exciting: a stay in a ranch. Then, after exploring the Banff National Park, you will take perhaps the most scenic and spectacular road in the world, highway 93 or Icefield Parkway; you will see magnificent fauna along it and magnificent glaciers and waterfalls; a full immersion in nature will follow after that – in an isolated lodge in the heart of Kooteney National Park. There will be no time to get bored, being busy with outdoors activity programs for adults and teenagers.
The Glacier National Park will be the gateway to the States and even here the difference will surprise you with the nature and its wonders, represented by rivers, lakes and high mountains populated by numerous wild fauna: bears, wolves, goats, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elks, deer, eagles, marmots and grouse. And finally, this amazing trip will conclude in the diversity of mythical (another abused adjective, but in this case adequate) Yellowstone with its peculiar sights, the Old Faithful geyser and the Grand Canyon on the Yellowstone River, with waterfalls, hot springs, grizzlies and the rest of its diverse wildlife. All this variety of landscapes, fauna, flora, activities offers a succession of emotions, different every time, which you will bring back home as the most precious souvenirs.