West Canada Super Grand Tour

Rockies and Alaska

Travel duration 22 Days
Starting price 4.000,00 €

Canada, Alaska and the Rocky Mountains

The main activity of this trip: eco-excursions.

During this journey, you will be exposed to rich and untouched nature, with the chance of participating in several outdoor activities. The Northern Pacific coast betwee Canada and Alaska is an astonishing land, composed of a kaleidoscopic mix of landscapes that evoke unparalleled experiences and emotions. This trip will take you from the wild and stormy coasts of the Pacific west of Vancouver Island, up to the Queen Charlotte Islands and the frozen sub-arctic coast of Alaska. Here, you’ll see the brilliant tops of Mount McKinley and the Alaskan Ranges – among the largest glaciers on the planet with magnificent forests dispersed across tundra landscapes.
The same can be said for the ocean, inland streams and beautiful rivers of British Columbia, which witness the spectacular return of millions of salmons upstream every year. Many species of cetaceans live here, including the largest living creature on our planet, the blue whale. Here, you can also see the gray whale, humpback whale, orcas and three types of dolphins. In the Great Bear Rainforest, the famous park reserve opened by WWF in 2004, you will find marvelous creatures such as giant moose, black-tailed deer, grizzlies, black bears and Kermode bears: the white variety of black bears exclusive to this region.

The Trip to Canada and Alaska by Le Reve House will take you to observe these creatures in their natural habitat. In addition to observing the extraordinary fauna of the area, you will also be able to practice many outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, biking, trekking, rafting, horseback riding, etc.