Grizzlies and Wolves of the Rainforest – Great Safari in the Great Bear Rainforest

Travel duration 11 Days
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Grizzlies and wolves are significant animals in the ecosystem of the temperate rainforest of Western Canada. When we talk about rain forests, those of the Amazon, of Borneo, of Papua New Guinea, those of Australia and of Sub-Equatorial Africa come to mind immediately.

Of course these, called Tropical, are all in the Southern Hemisphere and contain the majority of the biological diversity of our planet. But they are not the only ones to have these treasures within them. There are also Temperate Rainforests, or primordial forests that are still present in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet, the Boreal. Of these, however, most are actually reduced to mere portions of territory and resist only thanks to the joint effort of various naturalist associations who try to safeguard them from the pressure of Man and his increasingly invasive activities. There are few extensions within Ireland, in Norway and something still resists in China and Russia, on the Black Sea, but soon they will also be incorporated by today’s frenetic civilization.

Among these there is however an exception in North America, in the Western part of Canada, British Columbia, where there is still a large part of the territory remained intact over the centuries just as the Native Tribes of that area had left it. It is the Temperate Rainforest of the Great Bear Rainforest, one of the last natural paradises in the northern hemisphere of our planet.