Hawaii Discovery3

The Maui spell

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 2.330,00 €

Maui is as if time had stopped. The many wonders in this place make it fascinating and eternal at the same time: here you will explore the largest volcano, now inactive, in the world, the so-called Haleakala Mount that began its activity 750,000 years ago. You will come to this magical place with an unforgettable trekking through the lush and enchanting flora of the Hawaiian Islands. Not to mention the breathtaking beauty of Kapalua Bay beach, winning several times the best beach title in the world!Involve yourself in its heavenly atmosphere framed by coconut palms, soft white sand and its regenerating crystalline waters. Practice snorkeling in one of the world’s best wildlife viewing areas – Molokini, an ancient volcanic crater almost entirely submerged, you can see over 250 different species of fish!!! You’ll live a wonderful experience in the bamboo forest, where you will be caressed by the melodious sounds emitted by bamboos crossed by the wind… But Maui is not just this: you can attend private surf lessons, the most practiced and famous sport of Hawaii, but also to breathe the historic charm of Lahaina City with its art galleries and the wide variety of shops.

The enchanting Maui awaits you with many other activities to discover…