West Canada Tour

Rocky Mountains and Victoria

Travel duration 11 Days
Starting price 1.550,00 €

Rocky Mountains Tour, Victoria and Vancouver

Our”Rocky Mountains Tour” starting from lively and modern Vancouver, it develops within the Western Canada, between the coast and the Rocky Mountains, from the fertile and “Mediterranean” Okanagan region to reach the Parks of Rockyes. One of them , Jasper Park, èmore extensive than the well-known Yellowstone and boasts a richer and varied wildlife than the latter. But the splendor of this area does not reside in numbers alone, though remarkable: there are many lakes of surprising colors where you can paddle in canoe surrounded by an unspoiled environment, the mountains, of course, that arouse wonder, especially at sunset and long the treks on which trekking leads to the discovery of breathtaking views; the majestic glaciers of the Columbia Icefield, cwhich reserve the unforgettable experience of a tour in a special ice truck …. and then, the extraordinary, striking wildlife of the area, easily observed in its natural habitat, even at the sides of the motorway of the parks. Here is a short, incomplete list: grizzly and brown bears, wolves, big deer, bull moose – the giant elk bull, mules deer, coyotes, bighorn, foxes.

The “Rocky Mountain Tour” offers the opportunity to practice a wide range of outdoor activities </ strong>, other than the aforementioned canoeing and trekking: rafting, horse riding, zip lining, biking etc…

Returning to the coast, and more precisely to Victoria, on the island of Vancouver, will be thbig cetaceans , whales and orcas to excite you during an unforgettable excursion in super-dinghy in the waters of Haro Strait and Strait of Juan de Fuca.