West Canada Tour

British Columbia, Queen Charlotte Islands and Vancouver Island

Travel duration 14 Days
Starting price 2.950,00 €

Our Trip to West Canada here proposed begins in Pacific Rim, the coast and the wild sea stretch to the west of Vancouver Island. Populated by whales, orcas and sea lions, with scenarios of paradise, among desolate lagoons, sand strips, rock arches, and hot springs emerging from rocks on the sea.

The Great Bear Rainforest, in  British Columbia, is the largest uncontaminated area of temperate rainforest in the world. It is recognized World Heritage by UNESCO. While traveling to West Canada you will discover lush forests between sea and mountain, with rare species of trees such as the millennial Western Red Cedar and Sitka Spruce, and an even more rare fauna, such as the great Grizzly of the Khutzeymateen Sanctuary and the Black Bears with the variant white, the Kermode Bear, not albino bear, present only in this area. The sea is densely populated by the orcas as well as by various species of great whales, dolphins, sea lions and sea otters. The trip to West Canada will continue sailing along the Canadian Inside Passage, a communication route between Vancouver Island and Charlotte Islands. It is the inland sea passage between the fjords in the north of British Columbia. It is therefore a navigation in protected waters, with coastal views more scenic on the continent. The Queen Charlotte Islands are the archipelago off the North Coast of British Columbia with over 150 islands. Rich in spectacular landscapes and rare natural beauties, they are especially well known for being home, for more than 10,000 years, of the Haida People. Haida has played a key role in the history of native populations in North America. UNESCO, in 1981, declared Ninstints, in the Gwaii Haanas National Park, a World Heritage Site.

On this trip to West Canada you will be amazed by :

– the Wolves of the Rainforest

– the Great Bear Rainforest Fjords

– the pride of Haida boys

– the aerial view of the Queen Charlotte Islands

– the White Agate beach

– the ancients Totem of the Ninstints village