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Hunting the white sturgeon of Fraser River

Travel duration 2 Days
Starting price 850,00 €

Fraser river is one of the richest on earth as far as salmon is concerned, but it also is one of the last sanctuaries of giant white sturgeon.Here, in its peaceful waters, the  white sturgeon is protected by strictly implemented laws, and indeed their number is steadily growing. Thanks to these laws and to the West Fishery Board smart policies, you can now fish this magnificent prey with rods and reels. Obviously, you  can on only do that   in a strict catch-and-release mode. A dream-like environment and the unpolluted nature will make your fishing experience even more enrapturing You are an expert  in giant carp fishing?Then  the giant white sturgeon is just the thing for you. If you are interested to engage with this wonder of nature, come to hunt the white sturgeon of the Fraser river and you’ll find something to sink your teeth into. You will fish 50, 70, 100 and even 150 years old preys and their weight will range from a few dozen Kg up to 3 / 400 Kg: real river dinosaurs!
Real champions  of this game will be at your disposal; these guides have attended the taking of many documentaries video on the sturgeon and boast absolutely unbeaten record catches.