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Skeena Heaven Trophy Lodge

Travel duration 3 Days
Starting price 1.450,00 €

This package novelty mainly lays in the new Lodge that Le Reve Adventure House has acquired as the main location for its customers. The Skeena Trophy Lodge is located in a beautiful natural area, in a clearing on the banks of Skeena river, the great northern river, dominating it from a hillside terrace. Moreover, the lodge is equipped with all possible comfort expected of a 4-star location, with large and spacious suites, a sauna, large outdoor Jacuzzi tub, a recreation room with pool table and a heated room where to dry your waders at the end of the day. “Dulcis in fundo”, a fishing pond for your children. In the kitchen, one of the lodge executive is the chef and he prepares genuine Italian style dishes, after learning his art for 8 years in the best Italian restaurant in Vancouver.
LET’S TALK ABOUT FISHING This proposal is for those who practice fly and spin fishing and are wishing to challenge the noble trophies of these waters, such as the steelhead, the great king salmon, the northern coho and the large Silver in a wild and exclusive area of natural beauty.
We are very familiar with this region, British Columbia, and we are able offer the best at a really interesting price. Our partners, Dustin and his team, are the best guides in the area and they’ve been around these waters for twenty years now. They know every inch of the area, including the best pools for steelhead and salmon . You’ll be involved in an adventure that will take place in the best river waters for in the world. The peaceful and fish rich Kitimat, the Zymacord, the legendary Kalum river, where the largest King salmon of these waters was captured, the Zymoeetz or Copper River, where the silver is gigantic and steelhead reach and sometimes even exceed 30 pounds. Skeena river itself will probably be one of your destinations during your fishing week. Our guides will take you on exclusive waters, where climatic conditions are perfect for fishing these trophies. In some periods and specific rivers, you can even undermine the Steelhead in shallow waters, while the large fish jumps up and down the water. A truly exceptional experience! You will have the opportunity to live this unique experience in a highly spectacular environment here in our Lodge in the Northwest Territories of British Columbia in western Canada. A brand new Lodge with an unbeatable Chef . You will go out fishing, after a hearty breakfast, at 7.00 and around 7.30 you’ll be at your fishing spot. After 8 / 9 hours of fishing, you will be back at the lodge. You’ll be exhausted but satisfied: isn’t that what you’re looking for? You’ll recover from your fishing fatigues relaxing in our new lodge on Skeena river, where you’ll be welcomed by an atmosphere full of sincere cordiality. Our Chef, with his long experience in Italian cuisine, will prepare real homemade “ Italian tagliatelle” with mushrooms and Milan style“ossibuchi”, but also some local dishes some local that you will learn to appreciate even if you come from Italy.
Equipment and rods We suggest you to take your own waiders with you. Guides supply rods but, normally, everyone brings his own rods with, particularly fly fishing rods. For fly-fishing, we suggest 9 to 11 feet long rods, with 7/8 wt to 8/9 wt lines. Two-hands Speyrods, 14.5 to 15 feet long with 9/10 lines. Moreover we suggest a multi-type set, both floating and sinking and medium sinking, of various weights.(Obviously, reels must be long range ones with interchangeable spools to face different water conditions. Mono-file for leader will be from 8 lb to 15 lb. You’ll also be supplied with Spey rods in case you’d ask for them and if river waters condition would allow this kind of fishing.