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The Autumn Steelheads of the Skeena

Travel duration 11 Days
Starting price 4.850,00 €

The Skeena River, the great river of northern British Columbia, with almost 70 tributaries along its course of about 700 km, is the longest artificial river in the world. In practice, a pristine and wild river, a feature that goes together with the fact to be the most prolific river of salmon in the world. The salmon of the Pacific and the various trout species, including the Great Steelhead Trout that go back upstream every year its course and that of all its tributaries, show-dizzying numbers: over 80 million of fishes. Certainly the low and middle parts of the Skeena are the best waters of the whole Skeena Valley region – so in the world. An area between Prince Rupert and Huston and passing by rivers as Kalum River, Copper River, Sustut River, Exchamisiks River, Estew River, Kasiks River, not to mention the Kispiox River, Babine, Bulkley, Morice and Kispiox River, just to mention the most noteworthy. Obviously, the periods between the end of spring and autumn, until November, are the best ones for the main species of salmon. In this proposal, however, we will deal only with the Trophy of Fish Trophies that more than any other triggers the imagination and excites many passionate anglers around the world – the great trout, the anadromous fish of these waters, the Steelhead.

A real fighter 

The fighting and stamina of this queen of freshwater predators are a source and inspiration for sport fishing writers from all over the world. On her, on the Queen of Waters, they wrote about and more treatises will be written than on any other fish. However, we do not care about treaties, but fishing in direct contact with these rivers and this fish with unparalleled strength and courage. The Steelheads that enter from the end of August on, will lay their eggs between the end of September and November. The more you go forward during this time the more you will have large and aggressive fish. The autumn males are colored with a vivid Crimson Red and the females compete to contend the sperm milk of the larger ones. It is the period of the great Buck, which dominates the lower and upper Skeena. We will guide you to fishing in some of the rivers mentioned above, hunting for the gigantic red males and females spawning. Kitsukalum, or the Kalum River, the Copper river, the Kasiks River are among the best in the world for this type of hunting. For those who want it, you can reach, with special excursions also in Helicopter, even the upper rivers such as Sustut and Kilwala River, rivers that descend from the glaciers of the Mountain Coast Range to the west of Terrace. The bases for our Steelhead fishing expeditions to the Steelhead will always remain the Le Reve House Skeena Lodge and the Sandmann Inn, in full board.

Our guides: Dustin & The Wild Bunch

The guides for this exciting adventure are, for who is lucky to know them in action, our close-knit and expert group of Super guide, nicknamed “The Wild Bunch” led by the phenomenal boy, of Croatian origin, Dustin Kovasevich. It is rare to find so much experience and simplicity in a group of guides. Their professionalism and seriousness are in not only signaling the best pools or the best bait or streamer to use, but above all, in monitoring the safety and correctness of each client-fisherman. They will bring you, with their experience, in exclusive waters where the climatic conditions are perfect for fishing these trophies. In the autumn period, there is also a large number of Northern Coho going upstream, and they will be among your selected prey. In some periods and in some specific rivers, you can undermine the Steelheads even in dry, with spectacular hooks and with the exit of the big fish out of the water. In this area, two of the most famous rivers in the world flow to fish dry fly the steelhead. A truly exceptional experience that only a very few anglers can tell of having lived. Well, two of our “Pile” guides know where to find the Perfect Stelie in shallow waters. You will then have the opportunity to experience a unique experience, in a spectacular setting, in our Lodge of the Northern Territories of British Columbia, in Western Canada. The Skeena has many records and among these, one of the most appreciable regards its own Steelheads. All the Steelheads of the Skeena River System, in fact, are always wild.
There is no reintroduction program or hatchery for this exclusive North British Columbia Trophy. The abundant presence of adults and large individuals is simply the result of a policy that has always involved same passionate, who come here to fish for the queen of the rivers. All this is contained in a very simple formula: Absolute Catch & Release.

So, here is our proposal, which of course is addressed exclusively to our friends and customers fly fishing enthusiasts and Anglers:
Lo Skeena River Lodge of Le Reve House

You will leave your lodge after a hearty breakfast, ready at 7 and at 7.30 and you will already be on the fishing spot, returning in the afternoon after 8/9 hours of fishing. Rest in relax in our lodge on Skeena, where you will be welcomed by an atmosphere full of sincere cordiality. The Chef, who has made Italian cooking school, will serve you homemade “Italian tagliatelle” dishes with porcini mushrooms and other specialties, and some local Northwest cuisine that you will learn to appreciate.

Rods and Equipment

We advise you to bring your Waders above all. The guides supply the rods, but normally everyone carries their own, in particular the fly ones. For fly rods we recommend rods between 9 and 11 feet long with tails of 7 / 8wt and 8 / 9wt. Spook 14.5 and 15 feet two-handed rods with 9/10 tails. We also recommend a multi-type set between floating, medium sinking and sinking (and sinking). Obviously, the reels will be large with interchangeable spools to face the various water conditions. The mono filaments for the leader will be from 8 lb to 15 lb. From time to time, rods from Spey will be supplied to you in case of rivers that allow it and of anglers who request it.