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North West America

The Kingdom of Giants

Travel duration 21 Days
Starting price 2.970,00 €

The Giants, multi-centennial trees, the largest on the planet, are the protagonists and common denominator of this West America Tour, an ideal zip-lining between the high peaks of the majestic and ancient trees, part of the vast forests that stretch along the West Coast of North America. Starting from Vancouver Stanley Park you will then go to Vancouver Island, with Ancient Douglas Fir Trees and Meares Island rainforest. You will see the immense Great Bear Rainforest, the ancient cedars and towering firs. Our imaginary zip-lining of the West America Tour continues in the States to admire the huge red fir trees of the Ecola State Park, the Douglas fir trees of the Tillamouk State Forest and Siuslaw National Forest and the tallest pine in the world, in the Rogue River National Forest in Oregon. Then, in California, the sequoia, among the tallest planet plants, in the parks of the North, with “General Sherman” and “General Grant” in the Sequoia and King Canyon National Parks, to the south, “olds” of 2300 and 2700 years.
The fauna that populates the area of the West Coast is also extraordinary: grizzlies, black bears and their rare subspecies, the kermode bear; giant moose, deer, gray wolves; in the sea whales, killer whales, sea lions and sea otters in Canada and in the States, white-tailed deer, bobcats and mountain lions, coyotes and several species of reptiles, amphibians and birds.
Activities that you can practice in this environment are really numerous: among the many of them, in addition to wildlife observation trips, you can practice trekking, canoeing, rafting, mountain biking, riding and zip-lining… not virtual but real!