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Pacific Rim Adventure – Vancouver Island

Travel duration 4 Days
Starting price 1.250,00 €

If pure nature is what you want and need a regenerating vacation Le Reve House Fishing & Outdoor can offer you an exciting  fishing holiday in the ocean. You will enjoy a marine paradise, with beautiful coastlines rich in creeks and pristine surfing beaches. Walk for miles on those white sand beaches among scattered colorful shells and let yourself be lulled on a canoe on the peaceful Pacific Ocean waters in summer, paddling among seals and dolphins. We will take you to watch the struggle for life in one of the most spectacular natural jewels in the world, the Pacific Rim on the West Coast of Vancouver. A 150 kilometres of coastline embellished by bright green atolls and a precious necklace that never seems to end.
This is the realm of eagles that majestically, even in groups of three or four, plunge in the water for their prey. In summer time, along the area where we will take you to fish, the ocean is literally full of life. Great blue whales and gray whales feast on krill and herring, that here abound as nowhere else in the world. Here, killer whales feed on migrating salmon in their route towards the rivers and seals spend hours in the sun on small islands scattered along the coast. Just imagine to watch this while you’re struggling with a freshly hooked salmon. Le Reve House anticipates your dreams and makes them come true with the Pacific Dream Adventure.

On well equipped and comfortable boats, you will fish king coho salmon and the great halibut in their natural habitat. You are allowed to retain your fish, whether King, coho or Halibut up to the maximum allowed.
When you have enough of salmon,  you can train your muscles retrieving a 50 kg halibut. Every time you get back from your fishing activity our guides will prepare your fish to be frozen or smoked.