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Fly and Spin fishing on Pitt River. Sockeye, Chinook and big trout

Travel duration 3 Days
Starting price 1.650,00 €

Pitt River, one of the most beautiful rivers for fly-fishing in British Columbia, is not even 20 km far from the city of Vancouver. Getting there, you will be in one of the most unpolluted areas of the whole region. Plunged in an unique and charming ecosystem, it can only be reached by a motor boat, a helicopter or a seaplane.Animals of all kinds peep in around its shores: sears, deer, elks, eagles, blue herons, a variety of birds, seals arrived up here to hunt the abounding fish. The landscape looks like the work of a painter, among high, granitic canyons, surmounted by trees of every shape, colour and size, jutting out, overhanging the rocks.An unmatchable fishing experience just a stone throw from Vancouver.At the lodge you’ll mix with selected and international customers.
Fishing opportunities with helicopter to otherwise inaccessible streams of the area.
Mr. Dean, the clever owner and his very clever guides, chosen by him one by one, are known for their skill throughout North America.You’ll live much more than a simple fishing experience, we can certainly claim it because we have personally tested it recently during our video taking expedition for SKY TV last September. You will be able to watch those takes next February / March on “Hunting & Fishing” channel.A spectacular environment for such an exciting fishing, beyond any imagination.
Going down the river aboard beautiful Rafters, those irreplaceable, equipped rubber boats, exploiting at the most such a varied waterway. There’ll be several stops to allow you fishing with your waders on, at a really exciting catch rate. You can virtually fish all year round, both on the Pitt River and on its tributaries.The perfect season for trout and salmon, both fly-fishing and spinning goes from May to November.This proposal takes place in the stretch of time ranging from early May until late July, when Bull trout, Dolly Varden and Rainbow trout reaching up 5 / 6 kg may be caught.June is also the hatching month when trout make Pitt River waters literally boil.Fishing is resumed in August and goes ahead until the end of September, with the arrival of powerful Chinook and, above all, of big Sokeye: Pitt River ones, weighing between 7 and 8 10 Kg, are the largest across British Columbia.Finally, with Spawning, the period of Sokeye mating, between the end of August and September, we get into the most exciting trout fishing season. More than 30,000 trout, such as Bull trout, Chars, Dolly Varden, and Rainbow trout, line up at some distance from the knife-edged tusks of Sokeye male engaged in their spawning season. Trout are almost jostling one against the other to collect as many eggs as they can: they are literally greedy of those eggs. Fly-fishing in this period is at its best, yielding excellent results with imitations of eggs and small nymphs. The same goes for spinning, with various spoons of the house.