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Vancouver Island Steelhead- Salmon Trophy

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 2.950,00 €

Vancouver Island offers real river treasures where various kind of salmon can be undermined in their best environmental conditions. Steelhead is the queen of these fish.

Do you feel like challenging this proverbially tough, inexhaustible and cunning fish trophy?  We are telling you that, in the same season, you might hunt the queen with the kin and the king salmon in the same river.

The proposal that we have prepared will give you have a wonderful experience together with our trustworthy guide David Murphy, one of the best North America’s guide, that you might have already seen in action during one of our  documentary on Sky channels.

Hunting and fishing during spring:

David and his guides, we will take you to the exclusive waters where climatic conditions are perfect for these trophy fish, during a small but productive time window between the opening in October and mid-November. You will fish in Stamp River, renowned for being one of the Vancouver Island pearls, but, above all, for its thick salmon run.
The “queen” Steelhead precisely, with her king, the king salmon, the chinook, and also the silver or Coho salmon, the mighty chum called “dog” because its large jaw opening, are all there in the spectacular autumn on the Stamp River. They will put you to the test and ensure you fun. Our guides, the most experienced around, will take you where Coho salmon gather by the hundreds and Chinook, hooked at your rod, will literally make your hair raise, for so much adrenaline discharged by your body. Having a 15 to 20 pounds heavy beast hooked on your rod…. try that and you will never forget it. Special weeks will be dedicated to fly-fishing steelhead during a short time span between October 15th and 30th. If you’re ready to share with a group of friends your great passion, fishing for steelhead and the other Pacific Ocean salmon, then you must absolutely come with us to the…


You’ll be elated by the beauty of the rivers flowing amidst beautiful redwood forests, in the company of only a few eagles and some lone bear hunting for salmon. You’ll Go by boat between shady canyons and rapids, chasing your prey, that will always be at hand thanks to the expert local 1st class guides. You’ll stay in a beautiful lodge, with lots of comfort and a haute cuisine, world class service.

In order to better plan your trip, it might be useful have a look at the following run season:

1) Coho-Silver season: from beginning of September to mid November.
2) Chinook – King season: from beginning to end of October.
3) Chum season: from beginning to end of October.
4) Steelhead season: from late September until 15 November onwards.