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Steelhead Heaven Trophy Adventure

Travel duration 7 Days
Starting price 2.650,00 €

In this particular proposal we focus on customers who are engaged in fly and spin fishing and who aspire to confront with the steelhead and silver salmon in a wild and exclusive environment of natural beauty.We know British Columbia very well and can offer the best at a really unbeatable price. Our partners, Tracey and Dustin, are the best guides in the area and have been around these places for 30 years now. They know every single inch of the area, including those secret places where the biggest steelhead and silver salmon can be caught. You will live your fishing adventure in the best salmon waters in the world.The quiet and fish-rich Kitimat, the Zymacord or the legendary Kalum river, from where the biggest catches of these waters come, or Zymoeetz Copper River, where the steelhead salmon reach and sometimes even exceed 30 pounds weight. At times, you’ll be fishing in waters where no one has ever fished before. After having an abundant breakfast, at 7 you’ll get out of your lodge and at 8 you’ll already be fishing. You’ll be back at the lodge in the afternoon after 8 / 9 hours of fishing, tired but satisfied… isn’t it what you were looking for?You will also have the opportunity of watching grizzly bears, after their long winter fast, banqueting on salmon. You’ll see killer whales patrolling estuaries waters in their hunt for salmon swimming from the ocean into the rivers. That’s why taking a small but effective digital camera with you is a must around here. All that framed in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty and hospitality.Here summer smells like exotic tree resin and freshly blossomed flowers and, in September, the leaves colors, switching into autumn nuances, make the atmosphere nothing short of magic.
You can also dive into the warm waters of natural springs or have a regenerating shower under the jet of natural waterfalls originated by melting glaciers: this obviously demands for caution to those who are suffering from heart problem. In some of these waters, steelhead and coho salmon may reach exceptional sizes and a monster 25 pounds and more steeelhead is not rare here. You’ll rest and be served in one of the best lodges on the river, where you will be welcomed by a family atmosphere that is by now very rare to be found in any other part of the world. North West cuisine is very healthy and you’ll learn to appreciate it, though you might come from country with good culinary traditions.