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The spring Steelhead of Skeena Valley

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 2.450,00 €

Chasing Steelhead on the Kalum River 

March – Skeena Valley

We are only a few Km from Terrace, the capital of sport fishing in river, in this part of the world. The scenery is lovely. A shy morning sun makes smoking the icy waters of the River, giving the landscape a magical appearance and a bit surreal. The mountains around have the tops painted white with bright green flanks of conifers. Winter is melting its icy grip here in the valleys of the North and the river water slips inviting as a fluid transparent green carpet made all the more intense by the reflection of majestic cedar trees on the river bank…

“… I’m standing in the middle of a river among the most beautiful in the world, in the legendary British Columbia. The icy current pushes hard on my stiff legs by the cold, while fine raindrops drip cold from my nose, but I do not stop throwing my multicolored streamer in the water, as big as a hummingbird, every time with the risk of harpooning my left ear, because in the meantime an annoying side wind started… Yes, the water will be cold and the fish will certainly stay still and will hardly move towards my streamer, but they are there, somewhere, in the middle of the river and there’s no doubt about it.

It’s March 31 and there will be at least 40/50 fish for each pool here on the Kalum River, and let’s talk about Steelhead from 20 pounds up. So I remain in the water, however, forget everything as a true predator in search of his trophy and even if in 2 hours I have not yet had a strike, believe me I’m happy …. ” Who tells  is obviously… a steelheader, a category of true maniacs, that every year precisely, challenge wind, frost and rain to venture from mid-March to this area north of British Columbia, in order to fight harshly with the most elusive of the great prey of this part of the world, the Queen of the Pacific, the combative Steelhead trout, the Trophy Fish “par excellence”.

Spring on Kalum began 

The Kalum River, this beautiful river of medium size, unlike the cousins of the northern Skeena basin, which mainly see the steel-heads going up the rivers in summer and autumn, has them even in spring not only in summer and in autumn. And it is precisely these last to be particularly vigorous.
From mid-March the Steel-head fishing is officially open and on April it is at its peak, until the middle of May. Two months of spectacular fishing, in terms of fly and spinning catches.
The factor that makes the spring ascents of Kalum so powerful is that they are free from the negative impact of commercial fishing, which is closed at that time, which is not valid for the summer – autumn, when many specimens are caught in the Skeena estuary. So, in spite of what most of the fishermen who come here every year believe, the spring ascents are much more vigorous than the autumn ones, precisely because they are more free to flow.
The lower Skeena Valley and its tributaries -But this condition does not only apply to the Kalum River. The Kitimat River and the Copper River, plus other small tributaries, also have powerful spring ascents that ensure incredibly satisfying fishing days, obviously with the help of a good guide, with specimens even over 20/25 Pounds.

Your Lodge on the Skeena River 

With this package you will be hosted in our lodge on the Skeena River. Located in a magnificent position, it is equipped with all the best comforts, from the sauna to the whirlpool and a games room with American billiards. The lodge is also equipped with a Smoker House, to be able to smoke and take away your salmon. You will be welcomed by the manager, who has been a chef at one of the best Italian restaurants in Vancouver and will cook for you dishes of great Italian cuisine, in an extremely welcoming environment.