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Fly fishing and spinning in British Columbia – Heli Fly Fishing & Spinning

Heli-Fly Fishing & Spinning – Top Luxury Trip

Our ‘Fly fishing and spinning in British Columbia’ offers an exclusive fly fishing in the heart of this area of Northern British Columbia, the Northern Range mountains. You will reach your fishing spots with modern helicopters, starting from an exclusive resort in Kitimat, towards remote courses of water filled with salmon of various species. In particular our targets will be the King Salmon and the Coho, absolutely undisturbed. This proposal represents the top of the range of our fishing offer in this wonderful region, British Columbia. You will fly over a fabulous scenery between silvery snow-capped peaks and the splendor of the glacier of this spectacular mountain range.

Arrived in the first fishing spot you will find yourself in a practically magical environment, a real paradise, with the river with slightly milky waters due to the melting of the glacier above you have just flown over. The Pools will be completely at your disposal and nobody else’s. Your guide will instruct you with the best strategies to be immediately fishing with one of the acrobatic and tenacious salmon that populate this paradise. The helicopter will rest gently on its banks and from then on you will do your best fishing adventure ever.