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Adventure fishing in British Columbia

Travel duration 8 Days
Starting price 2.700,00 €

Adventure travel and fishing with Le Reve House Adventure

Fishing in the uncharted rivers of British Columbia

Mini-group trip to fishing on Vancouver Island-8 days

Fishing in British Columbia, it is known, is one of the most fascinating and exciting experiences for any fisherman from any country it comes.However, over the years this activity has undergone many changes, some due to the pressure exerted by the presence of an ever-increasing number of fans who every year and in any season crowd the waters of the main rivers of this fine, but increasingly known, region of the planet.
Climate change has also seen a decline year by year in the number of return upstream of the 5 species of Pacific salmon that still affect all the rivers in the area. The Canadian laws protecting this precious ecosystem have therefore further made this beautiful recreational activity more difficult. Fishing, although still predominantly free, has become increasingly more and more controlled. The limitations set in defense of the today return upstream often affect fishing permits in some areas, where even fishing bans have been set up for certain species for almost a whole fishing period, especially in the summer, and especially towards fish species with a great deal of recreational value.
Aware of our passion for fishing and of the knowledge of the Territory acquired in over 10 years of experience as Tour Operator of Adventure Travel here on the field in British Columbia, we have therefore decided to create a new travel product that significantly reduces these negative factors on the fishing travel experience everyone has the right to try… and that’s why we created the new ones…

Adventure fishing trips in British Columbia
The hidden treasures of Vancouver Island

Where this journey takes place: Vancouver Island – Remote Location

We have been traveling all morning, but the scenario that opens up before us deserved the effort. The river is untouched, uncontaminated … no one who trampled its banks, especially not even the shadow of a fisherman … on some trees above its banks three collared eagles stand still but watchful waiting for some big salmon to approach more on the surface to be able to grasp them with their powerful claws. In the distance two young black bears plunge into the water in the awkward attempt to imitate the mother who in another part of the river plays her role as a food agent.The river flows in all its majestic tranquility, witness of the bacchanal that is taking place under and above its waters. Suddenly, in front of us, in the middle of the river, a silver lightning emerges diagonally out of the water, like a Tomahawk missile launched by a submarine …. the darting silhouette of a Chinook
passes in front of us, shining under the summer morning light of a beautiful sunny day here in the deep hinterland of Vancouver Island.
The largest island in North America is a treasure chest that houses some of the most precious rivers, hidden places to the most where to fish the most sought-after prey of this fantastic region of Western Canada. From the shores of some of these rivers, the most hidden and uncontaminated, animals of all kinds peep out. Bears, deer, elk, eagles, blue herons, an infinity of birds and seals come up here not know how, to hunt the fish here so abundant.
The landscape looks like the work of a painter: the river flows among forests of trees of every shape, color and size, that protrude to the rocks above the river.
We understand what awaits us and instantly everyone focuses on opening their own equipment, the fisherman’s testosterone flows …

A spectacular setting for such an exciting, almost unimaginable fishing. You get to these rivers aboard 4X4, sometimes with boat transfers, on board small motorboats, both irreplaceable means to reach these remote places. We are in the company of expert connoisseurs of these places, able to take us where no one else could or would like to think about arriving. The fishing takes place mostly from the ground and the river is covered for a single stretch throughout the day, at a time making only 2 or at most 3 movements, given that the pools are “black” for the presence of hundreds of fish, all large. You make several stops to fish with waders at an incredibly exciting capture rate, as in none of the most popular rivers could ever happen.
We are truly in the fishing paradise, where the desire to fish in a river all for us, this time is realized.