Deluxe tour guided in Alaska – from Vancouver to Denali

Exploring the last frontier, Alaska summer splendor

Travel duration 13 Days

Guided Tour in Alaska The best of Alaska, but also the pearl of the West Coast, Vancouver. You will be guided to experience the best of this city, considered over the last 10 years the Western City with the highest standard of living. The third day we set off for our adventure of exploration in Alaska starting from the Inside Passage, with its high fjords and its nature. During this crossing you will enjoy the incredible view, from your ship, of whales, orcas and sea lions – this will be your welcome to Alaska! Since that day you will discover the most fascinating attractions of this region still defined as… the final frontier of America!
Among the many wonders that will thrill you on this tour, just to mention a few: whales and sea lions, when hiking in the UNESCO site of Glacier Bay, enchanted fjords of Kenay Fjords National Park, the isolated Majesty of Mount McKinley in Denali National Park. As for the fauna, we have so far only mentioned the whales and sea lions, but the land is rich in wildlife and extraordinary as grizzly bears and Sitka deer, black wolves, coyotes, ground squirrels, mountain goats and much more. You will have the opportunity to see these amazing animals during the tours of watching.