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Salmon fishing & Whale watching in Vancouver Island

Travel duration 6 Days
Starting price 1.550,00 €

One of the most exhilarating and exciting travel experiences in the world: fishing  the world biggest salmon in their typical environment, the western coast of Vancouver island, that is also the greatest whales and killer whales concentration area throughout North America. Tofino, Ucluelet and the waters surrounding  the Pacific Rim are a kind of golden triangle for these two beautiful activities, fishing and observation of animal species.
In these areas, such activities  were always practiced, for different reason, by the natives Indians, the Salish First Nations, the West Coast Indians. And that is exactly here that we will make you enjoy salmon fishing sport in its most authentic form, in the ocean, thanks to the experts charterers  who work with us.
They are known worldwide for being the best in this kind of fishing. In the same time you will be able to watch, at times even while you are fishing, the whales that that come here to feed on herring and on other fish of which salmon too are greedy, the same salmon you are going to fish.  A generous fishing in a spectacular natural scenery. In short, a paradise not only for fishing but also  for its very generous and spectacular nature.  The boats on which you will fish are comfortable and  large speedboats, carrying up to about 15 fishers. Once in action, everyone will have a rod to try and hook the big catch. In these waters, beautiful and very tenacious silver salmon can be caught, weighing  up to 25 / 30 kg.
Once you have satisfied your craving for fishing, on your sixth day, you will move to Tofino, where you can carry out some activities, such as visiting the famous Wickaninnish Interpretive Center, that also is the location of one of the most beautiful hotel across Vancouver Island, the Wickaninnish Resort Hotel Lodge. We will visit some structures and especially enjoy a warm cup of tea in its wonderful terrace, outdoors or indoors, during the excursion. Then, finally, if you have not already done it during your fishing days, you can join the optional boat tour out of the Pacific Rim, to watch whales and killer whales, and perhaps also some black bear in search of a quick snack before its definitive awakening.
The package is focused on salmon trawl fishing and on great whales watching on the coast facing Tofino.