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The Great Northern Adventures

Travel duration 13 Days
Starting price 3.500,00 €

British Columbia is known by travelers for its forests and its natural beauty.
This region, and in particular Vancouver, its economic and administrative capital, boasts one of the world highest living standards.  Lying on a beautiful bay, enclosed between sea and mountains, that stay snow-capped  until May, to the delight of many skiing fans, it enjoys  a heated sea current from the south and is protected from the great Vancouver Island, the most beautiful island of North America, extending  for more than 500 km. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city with the rhythms of a  small towns and  a population of more than two and a half million inhabitants, scattered in a vast territory about twice as large as an average European city.  British Columbia landscapes are also known to documentaries makers from all over the world to embrace the most spectacular natural scenarios  of this planet. Particularly, in 2006, the area known as the Great Bear Rain Forest was rewarded by the WWF and the UN to be the most beautiful in the world. This trip proposal is then focused on the discovery of the extensive area that goes from the city of Vancouver, through Vancouver Island,  to the great  Bear park, an area that we  shall call “The Great Bear Rain Forest Paradise ” In particular, we are doing this special journey with naturalistic  excursions in the most important areas of this region, namely the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island and the Great Bear Rain Forest. The Pacific Rim region on the west coast of Vancouver Island  also contains priceless natural treasures such as the large group of abiding gray whales. Some of the creatures that can be observed here are an exclusive feature of these areas. Bald eagles fly  over the sea in search of their aquatic preys and Grizzly Bears with their puppies wallow in the river waters feeding on salmon that just  returned here to spawn. But they are not alone. Here is the white Kermode Bear to accompany them in this late summer feast, standing out for its beauty and uniqueness: the white mantle bear,also called White Spirit Bear by local native populations, is a natural charming, eccentric variable of black bear, a kind of ancestral memory of past glaciation. And so you can watch white furred mother bears accompanied by their tender, completely black puppies. Here nature never ceases to amaze. Another animal creature perfectly inserted and totally at ease in this very special ecosystem of sea and rivers,  is the local gray wolf: a champion in salmon fishing as his plantigrade antagonist . In the ocean, many other great marine mammals cram an environment that is so fascinating as tough for of those creatures who spend their life cycle according to the position they take in the food chain. On top of all is perhaps the smallest of them, the eagle, that has very little if no opponent other than the invasive human specie, thanks to the environment in which it lives. Then, among great whales, above all, we find the charming killer whale by the disproportionate teeth, a true master marauder of the sea. The same gray and blue whales must defend their young and themselves from the famished attacks  by these cetaceans. The latter, after almost suffering total extinction as man hunted them  until a few decades ago, have now become a protected specie in this region, and the same goes for  all the creatures that live in this fantastic  ecosystem. Helicopter Fishing Nass River system, hunt for Silver and Steelhead salmon The second part of our itinerary, after the visit to the city of Vancouver, will take us to the North West Territories, practically on the border with Alaska in one of the wildest and most beautiful area throughout the region. An area suitable to entertaining and charming outdoor activities of various kinds. In addition to fishing, thanks to the beautiful mountains chain surrounding  Nass River Valley, an intense skiing and winter sports activity can be done here, and that’s  particularly attractive to those who love skiing  in complete freedom and in wide open spaces far from the great seasonal tourists  flow, thanks to an efficient Heli-skiing service that allows an incredible off-tracks skiing. But let’s now turn to fishing Nass River flows through a beautiful plain, surrounded by high mountains with their perennially white peaks. The plain is also crossed by the many tributaries of Nass river, all of them crammed with fish. Mighty chinook and coho runs are alternated by those  of beautiful steelhead. Real fish trophies: a delight for all those devoted fans that come here from all over the world. Autumn is the right season : that’s when the great silver  and northern coho runs take place and that’s also when “the mother of all preys”, the beautiful steelhead, delight of fishermen from all over the  world, starts swimming up Nass river and its tributaries. We shall have the good fortune to be served by powerful Bell helicopters, made available for us by the beautiful lodge located on  Irvin Bell, the other great river of this valley, that will take us onto our  search of the most undisturbed fish throughout the area. Our fishing trip will develop in the central part of the steelhead season, so we will have the opportunity, thanks to the helicopter, to catch undisturbed, early run preys that still have the scent of the sea. The atmosphere of the beautiful lodge, the base of our fishing adventure, is made up of international level fly-fishers and spin-fishers. The lodge is also ideal for married couples who share a passion for fishing.