Southern Baja California – Suv guided tour

Travel duration 12 Days
Starting price 2.850,00 €

 An exciting off-road itinerary along Baja California,

with Italian guides among endless deserts, unspoilt crystalline bays, lagoons inhabited by friendly whales, colossal cacti, stunning canyons, remote ranches, eighteenth-century Jesuit missions, abandoned mines and millenary rock paintings. The path and the best guides to discover the secrets and flavors of Baja California, virgin land, unknown and generous. For a long time considered an arid and desolate area, Southern Baja California, until all the sixties, was the target of a few brave people, such as John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway for example, who, going beyond appearances and surpassing, even with their financial resources, difficulties, enjoyed the wonders that this narrow tongue of land had to offer. Then, in the mid-1970s, the construction of State 1, which, zigzagging from coast to coast, united the two extremes of the peninsula and made such wonders accessible to many other adventurous travelers. Of course, transport in Baja California is certainly not up to the most developed tourist areas in the world. You have to have a good off-road, especially when you want to reach the notable points not touched by Mex 1 as rock paintings, various Catholic missions of the 600 / ‘700, dream beaches, isolated bays and the lagoons where the whales gather to reproduce and grow their little ones. Whale watching is just one of the most important attractions in Baja California – these majestic creatures can be observed, approached and even caress at several sites, both on the west coast of the Pacific and the eastern one on the Cortez Sea. The observable fauna in the Baja, beyond the whales, is so much: along the coast and in the many islands in front of it thrive colonies of eared seals, sea lions, dolphins, various species of birds and, inside, in desert areas, lynxes, puma , bighorns and white tail deers.