East Canada Tour

Ontario and Quebec in 7 days

Travel duration 7 Days
Starting price 670,00 €

East Canada Tour is a smart trip by Le Reve House.
Why “smart”? Because with a non-excessive economic commitment and in a relatively short time span, this trip will let you know all the aspects that make up the soul of Eastern Canada – its beautiful cities with a typically French atmosphere, Montreal and Ottawa, its incomparable and unspoilt nature, on this trip represented by the Algonquin Park, and the opportunity to observe unique wildlife in its natural environment. A great start! Our proposal, Tour of Eastern Canada, will take you to admire the magnificent spectacle of the mighty and impressive Niagara Falls. Immediately after this must-see, your tour in Eastern Canada will begin its most naturalistic part with a visit and a one night stay at the Algonquin Park. A large and unique wildlife, characteristic of these great scenarios of North American Nature, will make your tour in Eastern Canada a delightful immersion in the environments typical of the first phase of the European colonization of this fabulous continent. Brave men fleeing from the old World, that was heading towards the industrialization and the mass conurbation,  found themselves in front of the magnificent natural scenarios of this part of North America, where the only human presence was reduced to the few thousands of natives concentrated in tribes with a few tents scattered around an immense territory. Soon they left the place to the Forts and Villages organized in the same way as the small towns of the old world were, just left by those men. The rest is History.