Eastern Canada Parks Tour: 14 days

Travel duration 15 Days
Starting price 2.000,00 €

“Recognizing the importance of protecting the environment, flora, fauna and natural resources of a part of the Saguenay fjord and the Saint Lawrence estuary, Canada and Quebec governments have created, with the support of the population, The Saguenay – Saint Laurent Marine Park.
The mission of the Marine Park is to improve the protection level of its ecosystems, to bring benefit to the present generation and to the future, while promoting educational, recreational and scientific activities… “

This is the mandate for the creation of the Saguenay Saint Laurent Marine Park to protect the ecosystem of a unique area due to its nature, its landscapes, its fauna and its flora. The confluence of the cold and fresh waters of the Saguenay, with those warm and salt of the Saint Lawrence estuary, creates the ideal environment for the proliferation of the krill, the food of which big cetaceans go hungry. And in fact, several species of majestic marine mammals converge here for most of the beautiful season and some stay there all year long, such as beluga whites. The scenic scenery at this water lull is the majestic cliffs of the Saguenay fjord, excavated by the glacier, and the shores of the Saint Lawrence estuary.

Saguenay Park is the pinnacle of this Tour of Eastern Canada of Le Reve, but it will surprise you before and after your stay at the Park with countless other unforgettable emotions like the unmissable Niagara Falls and above all the French atmospheres of the beautiful Quebec city, in addition to the full immersion in the park’s nature of another must-see Park, the Algonquin Park or even, why not?, a balloon flight on Ottawa’s roofs and parks.