Quebec from Montreal to Ottawa

Travel duration 15 Days
Starting price 2.000,00 €

Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, the beautiful Quebec cities. The most beautiful parks in this area, including the great Saguenay Marine Park, offer dramatic and evocative landscapes that in the fall adorn themselves romantically of thousand shades, from yellow ocher to red rust. It is during this period that you can witness one of the most fascinating natural transformations that take place in nature, the Foliage, which you can admire along the roads that combine the various destinations – all this, in a succession of unforgettable emotions, is part of the Quebec Trip that Le Reve House Adventure proposes you in this enchanting territory of North-East America. The Saguenay / Saint Laurant Marine Park occupies an area of 480 square miles on the estuary of the Saint Lawrence River at the height of the Saguenay Fjord. It is the first park in Canada totally devoted to the conservation and protection of the marine environment: a unique ecosystem, given the morphology of the seabed and the fjord. The confluence of the waters of Saint Lawrence with those of the Saguenay Fjord creates particular oceanographic phenomena that favor a significant biodiversity. Five species of cetaceans inhabit the waters of the marine park, including the beluga of Saint Lawrence, to bear witness to its importance. In addition, the itinerary of this Trip to Quebec, crosses some of Canada’s most beautiful protected areas, such as the Mauricie and des Grands Jardins national parks, the area around Trois Rivieres, and the Mont Tremblant area.
Our Trip to Quebec, in conclusion, offers a great overview of Quebec’s natural beauty and attractions.