Tour British Columbia & Baja California

Travel duration 16 Days
Starting price 2.850,00 €

Canada-Mexico Trip. Grizzlies of Canada and whales of Baja California


Our Canada -Mexico Trip , begins with the most beautiful island in North America, named Top North America Island by Condé Nast Traveller. As large as 2 Italian regions, Vancouver Island deserves this reputation for the beauty and variety of its attractions and unique scenarios.
This beautiful area is home to fascinating animals: grizzlies, Kermode bears albini, giant Moose or, 3 species of whales and Orcas , sea lions and seals, all observable during excursions on special boats in perfect safety.


Thus, Canada Mexico Trip takes you, in flight, in Baja California: Heavenly beaches, secluded bays and lagoons where whales congregate to breed and raise their young. The desert, oases and rare species of plants and animals that dwell there, cave paintings, many Catholic missions and towns, with their relaxed atmosphere – These are, in a nutshell, the major attractions of this corner of the world. Whale watching is one of the major attractions of Baja: you can see these majestic beings, move and even caress. Observable fauna , certainly is not limited to whales, in fact, along the coast are thriving colonies of fur seals, sea lions, dolphins, several species of birds and, inside, in the desert areas, lynx, cougar, bighorn sheep and white-tailed deer. The Baja will not disappoint those who love the great outdoors activities. Here you can practice in fact surfing, windsurfing and parasailing, canoe, kayak, and especially snorkeling and scubadiving.