Tour in Canada (group)

Grizzlies and Orcas of West Coast

Travel duration 13 Days
Starting price 3.100,00 €

This itinerary focuses on the best that, naturally speaking, can offer the great and splendid coastline of British Columbia


The most beautiful island in North America. For seven years the island of Vancouver, whose coast is visible from the city bearing the same name, has the honor of being named Top North America Island by the specialized magazine Condè Nast Traveler. This island, comparable by extension to 2 Italian regions, 550 km long and wide maximum 250, it really deserves this international fame, first of all for the beauty and variety of its places that have in the scenarios and in a nearly incomparable nature the basis of its notoriety. On this island there is Victoria, the present and old capital of British Columbia.

  • Fabulous parks and beautiful resorts

Vancouver Island also has numerous and exclusive resorts on its territory beautifully placed across the coast overlooking the beautiful Sounds, and its most beautiful parks, such as Pacific Rim and Strathcona Park. Moreover, the area of ​​Campbell River in the East. In these resorts, the true temples of Relax and Outdoor, you have the opportunity to spend relaxing vacations in elegant structures built with precious and fragrant woods that have in them SPA with care aesthetics of a very high standard. You can also take full advantage of the wonder of those places venturing into special tours to discover a unique and uncontaminated nature among Vancouver Island and the British Columbia continental coastline near the north of the island, particularly in the Great Bear Rainforest . This stunning unspoilt area became the symbol of the wildest Canada is inhabited by fascinating creatures such as Grizzlies Bears, Kermode Bears Albini, giant moose and is possible here the close observation of whale whales of 3 types and the beautiful orcas, the sea lions and the seals that inhabit these waters most of the year.

  • Great Bear Rainforest Park

During this itinerary, departing from Vancouver Island, you drive to the British Columbia continental coastline connected to the island by a dense network of isthmuses and fjords designed by a wonderful and unique Nature. Here you will explore, with a long and fascinating excursion, a park that became the symbol of this region, the new Great Bear Rainforest Park, which with its 400 km in length has become the landmark map of policies for the conservation of natural ecosystems implemented both from Canada and from international organizations. It has been recently designated (in 2004) by WWF and the UN as the best protected rainforest park in the world. The Great Bear Rainforest Park is symbolically the last frontier for a number of valid reasons…

  • The primeval rainforest

It contains the largest area of primordial rainforest, and above all, there are some of the most rare species of trees and animals in the world. Trees such as red fir trees, i.e. Cedar Fir, and others present here are among the oldest on earth with trees that reach the height of 30 floors and an age of over 1500 years. Here in these forests it is still possible to meet them, and to know them leaves in those who approach them, a feeling of deep tranquility together with a reverent respect for their mole and their history

  • Spirit Bear & Grizzly Bear

Among the animals, the noble representative of this park is, of course, the Spirit Bear, or Kermode Bear, a particular variety of black bear that has developed a 10% of subjects with light mantle – who knows what a joke of genetics. The Spirit Bear can only be found in this particular North American region, but it is difficult to locate with normal daily excursions.
Inside the park area, we also find one of the world’s largest concentrations of Grizzly Bears in vast protected areas, among which the main ones are designated as areas of total conservation and have a strong limit on the number of visitors who can visit it every year. Among the most famous are those that can be reached from Vancouver Island, in the south of the Great Bear Rainforest, namely the areas of Knight Inlet and Bute Inlet with the Grizzlies of the Robson Bight Reserve.
Other animal varieties are the mountain goat, Dhale Goat, giant elk, caribou, gray fox, black-tailed deer and other varieties such as various species of birds including eagles, herons, hawks, oak harlequins and puffin and so on, which are the inestimable treasure enclosed in this green chest that is the Great Bear Rainforest Park.