California West Coast

Beaches and Forests

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San Francisco will be the starting point of our California West Coast Tour. After visiting the attractions of this metropolis, without forgetting a small visit to the sadly known island of Alcatraz, we will tour the California coast among sunny beaches, picturesque and quiet towns and the latest southern parts of the great redwood habitat, to end in Los Angeles, with its Studio’s, the Celebrities villas, art, music and cooking.
California offers to travelers a wide range of resources. Whatever you are keen on, activities in nature, culture or gastronomy, the Golden State will attract you in every way. The waters of its coasts are perfect for surfing, sailing and swimming. The “protected” parks, with the world’s tallest living creatures, the big sequoia, are covered by innumerable “trails” for beginner or experienced trekkers. Those who want to observe wildlife can do it in these parks, natural habitat of bears, wolves, deer, squirrels, but also in the beautiful Monterey Aquarium, loved by children. If you love culture, you will find California a “treasure” of activities, from the Museum and Art Gallery exhibitions to contemporary art and antiques handicrafts, from theater, dance and music shows to exhibitions and shows in aquariums and training centers. Concerning music, the international concert halls of Los Angeles and San Francisco are well known all over the world.