Trip Among Mesoamerican Wonders

Travel duration 9 Days
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Mesoamerica is the area that includes the states and regions of the American continent located centrally, that is, the southern half of Mexico, including the Caribbean part of the Yucatan Peninsula, the states of Guatemala, Belize , El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica.
The peoples who lived in these regions distinguished themselves for the development of a common indigenous culture – using two calendars, one for civilian use and one for the religious one – for the development of corn farming, lithic technology in the production of tools Stone used for engraving and cutting, such as the tips of arrows and spears used in hunting, as well as the most important of the techniques of manufacturing artifacts – that of ceramics, both for everyday and ritual use.
All these populations, moreover, had developed without the knowledge of metallurgical technique, they did not know either the age of the iron or the bronze age. In the religious sphere, these peoples were all recognized for common rituals. One of the most significant was that of human sacrifices. The Mesoamerican people spoke different languages and were divided into different ethnic groups belonging to different linguistic groups. The number of ethnic groups who were present until the arrival of the Spaniards were equally great, of these most studied are Mexican civilization, Mayan civilization, Teotihuacan civilization, Zapotec civilization, Mixtec civilization, Olmec civilization or Tarascan civilization. Among these, the most well-known, with the legacy of many of their vestiges, were the Olmec, Mayan and Aztec civilizations. This itinerary will let you explore the best of these worlds that have disappeared today but are still in the archaeological areas you visit during the various stages.
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