Travel duration 9 Days
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After our visit to Quebec City and after the unforgettable stop in the Saguenay Marine Park, our East Canada tour will introduce you to the wonders of the La Gaspesie Peninsula.
The Saguenay / Saint Laurant Marine Park occupies an area of ​​1245 square kilometers on the estuary of the Saint Lawrence River at the height of the Saguenay Fjord. It is the first park in Canada totally devoted to the conservation and protection of the marine environment – a unique ecosystem, given the geography of the seabed and the fjord. The confluence of Saint Lawrence waters with those of the Saguenay fjord creates a particular oceanographic phenomena that favor a significant biodiversity. Five species of cetaceans inhabit the waters of the marine park, including the Saint Lawrence beluga, witness its importance.
The tour in Eastern Canada will continue towards La Gaspesie. The peninsula is one of the five Quebec’s maritime regions. Its discovery will be an exciting succession of pleasant surprises: its coastline, from endless beaches lined with cliffs designed by glaciers, migrating whales and the meeting with its hospitable population (part of which English-speaking!) will characterize your trip to this vast coastal region. The stay in this area will also give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of activities: from the observation of marine mammals to wellness holidays, from cultural visits to the delights of tasty seafood.