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Photo Safari Grand Tour among Alberta and British Columbia

Travel duration 18 Days
Starting price 3.760,00 €

Grand tour Photo Safari among British Columbia

Alberta and Dinosaur Park

West Canada is an astounding, magnificent land, composed of a kaleidoscopic set of environments. From the wild and stormy Pacific coast to the west of Vancouver Island, to the Queen Charlottes Islands to the north, to uncontaminated lands of the Arctic Tundra of Nunavut in the Northwest Territories between Yukon and Alaska is the largest and unspoiled National Park in Canada, the Nahanni National Park. Towards the south to Okanagan’s arid dunes,
truly the best of Canada’s Fruits and Wines, to finally get to the bright “Dolomites” of the Rocky Mountains, among vast glaciers and magnificent forests, with their majestic and centuries-old trees: Sequoias and Red Cedars.
All environments with panoramas and scenery of unparalleled beauty. This land is the land of hope and abundance, which inspired travelers and writers for two centuries. Its forests and mountains are a wonderful wonder, with hiking trails that when faced with due respect and preparation, they reserve emotions of incomparable completeness. And what about the ocean and the waterways of the interior, the wonderful rivers of British Columbia, attended by thousands of passionate fishermen who each year participate in the festive rite of the climb of millions of Pacific Salmon, which give to this land so much energy and nutrition making it so gorgeous? They are undoubtedly among the wonders of this region, which has 6000 km of coastline and 1800 streams. Without forgetting its wonderful fauna! Among the many species present, two creatures fascinate us, salmon and bears, but live here also a great variety of cetaceans like the Whales. Here are three species including the largest living creature on our planet, the Blue Whale, the Gray Whale and the Humpback. Then the Orcas and three types of dolphins. In the south of British Columbia we find the Fraser River, where the population of the world’s largest Giant Storions resides. In the rainforests, along the rivers estuaries and along the coast of this whole territory we find the great Grizzly, the Black Bears and the Kermode Bear, the Bear of the Spirit, a real rarity present only in this region, Giants Moose and the Black-tailed Deer. All these beautiful creatures are symbols of this wonderful land.
A trip to this land is comparable to what the wealthiest and most erudite travelers in Europe (the “Grand Tour” of the eighteenth century) did in Egypt, Italy and Greece to rediscover the roots of our civilization. The main activity of this trip are Eco-Excursions and Photo Safari. During this itinerary you will be in contact with a rich, strong and uncontaminated nature, with the opportunity to practice nature outdoor activities that will give you intense emotions. British Columbia is an immense outdoor playground devoted to these activities. The proposed route includes many activities, almost all defined as Eco-Excursions. Especially the Photo Safari Observation of the beautiful and super-protected fauna of the rainforests and the coast of the Great Reserve of the Great Bear Rainforest, today without doubt the most beautiful Natural Park in North America, the most pristine. Walking can be done either on horseback or by boat, but also on Kayak, so that you can observe a super-fascinating nature. From the beautiful cliffs of the Pacific Rim, the mythical fossils of the Inside Passage, the winding valleys of the rich rivers of the north, to the mountain ranges of the Continental Divide on the Canadian Rockies, many planned excursions are of Observation, more precisely Photo Safari to discover a Nature with few equals in the world.