Tour in Yucatan – Relax on Riviera Maya among beautiful beaches and ancient ruins

Travel duration 14 Days
Starting price 2.800,00 €

Riviera Maya is located on the south-eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, which, while being an integral part of Mexico for culture, uses and religion, has maintained its distinct identity with respect to the rest of the nation. Yucatan people are particularly proud of this and its Maya origin. Yeah! The Maya! A constant presence that is felt throughout your stay in this beautiful area. It manifests itself in the imposing buildings that the Mayans have left us and that you can admire during this trip, but also in the character of the population, more gentle and kind than in other parts of Mexico.
But besides all this, what the peninsula has to offer can meet the expectations of every traveler eager to experience strong emotions, be amazed by new and exciting situations, to admire the spectacle of a different, lush, mysterious nature, but also to enjoy atmospheres and relaxing rhythms beneath the palms of isolated, tropical beaches along the longest reef in North America (the second in the world), often reachable for swimming and always, comfortably, on small boats: ideal situation for snorkeling and scuba diving to swim along with turtles and peaceful whale sharks. Snorkeling and scuba diving, however, can also be practiced in the characteristic cenotes, karst holes with crystalline water, typical of the Yucatan peninsula.
There are innumerable species of animals that can be met in the 5 Yucatan Biosphere reserves: wild cats such as jaguar, puma, ocelot, jaguarundi and spider and howler monkeys, and tapir, deers, bats and hundreds of species of birds. One of these Biosphere reserves, Sian Kahan, is located right along the Riviera Maya. The excursion to Sian Kahan will be one of the highlights of this trip.