British Columbia and Alaska Grand Tour – short 17 days

Travel duration 17 Days
Starting price 3.550,00 €

The North Pacific Coast between British Columbia and Alaska is a magnificent land, composed by a kaleidoscopic set of environments with views and scenery of unparalleled beauty. The endless forests and mountains are enchanting, while fascinating animals frequent the wonderful rivers and oceans of British Columbia. Many species of cetaceans live here, including the largest living creature on our planet, the blue whale. Here, you can also see the gray whale, humpback whale, orcas and three types of dolphins. The Great Bear Rainforest – a famous reserve park inaugurated by WWF in 2004 and one of Canada’s conservation jewels – is host to wonderful creatures like giant moose, black-tail deer, grizzlies, black bears and Kermode bears. Also known as spirit bears, these are the white variant of the black bear that only exist in this region of the world and are extremely rare.

British Columbia and Alaska are unique and immense territories that can be viewed as nature’s playground. Here, you will be in direct contact with rich, uncontaminated nature, and can partake in many outdoor activities including hiking, boating and kayaking to observe fascinating wildlife up close. Some of the incredible sights include the beautiful cliffs of the Pacific Rim, the magical fjords of the Inside Passage, the great rivers of Vancouver Island and the frozen stretches of the subarctic coast of Alaska – complete with the brilliant peaks of Mount McKinley and the Alaskan Range, one of the largest glaciers on the planet. In all of these areas, the many amazing excursions you’ll participate in make for once in a lifetime experiences.