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Alaska Tour : Denali National Park

Denali National Park

Is one of the most popular destinations. Denali National Park is amazing and can be reached along the George R. Parks Highway, near Reley Creek. A more complete excursion is to the Mount McKinley: you have to take one of the shuttle buses-140 km-up to Kantishna, near the Wonder Lake.

The trip to this stretch of  Alaska lasts eleven hours and the view of Mount, 6,194 meters high, is unforgettable. Many follow the map and you will pass through a hilly landscape in the tundra with peaks of 2,000 meters. The rangers in the park breed dogs especially Huskies, training them to make at the right time, good sled dogs.

In the winter the Park can be reached only with sleds and thanks to their presence can be visited at best. The George R. Parks Highway continues towards Anchorage. Halfway you’ll notice Talkeetna, which is worth seeing. It is a small town with a rural community. Is very special, because the population lives lost in the Woods, light years away from the cities. At this point it will be beautiful in front of you the view of Mount McKinley, in the area where the planes flying over the National Park. A fascinating excursion for who is looking for a unique trip like the one in Alaska.  A lot depends on the time available, but a trip here is recommended.

Photo Credit: Thinkstock