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The Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia

  Considered the most beautiful rainforest park in the world, the Great Bear Rainforest Park Reserve owes its origin to the strong commitment of the international environmental organization GreenPeace, which in 2004 established the reserve and took care of the financing with a special law.  The Reserve covers over 60,000 square km, a territory between the coast and the Fjords, […]

The Caribbean you don’t expect

Travel to feel good. Travelling opens your mind, this is common knowledge. Who have this passion do not give up moving as soon as they can and travel alone, with the family or in the way that is most congenial to him. Who doesn’t dream a trip to the Carebbean? Lands of great charm, easy to offer strong and unforgettable emotions. So famous, so […]

Mexico and Riviera Maya – Guided Tour

Decide to organize a trip to discovery Riviera Maya means to leave for beautiful places to know. Yucatan Peninsula, although belongs to Mexico, has its own identity. For this reason, during a stay in Mexico, you should definitely consider the idea to discover this territory. This autonomous identity represents a real strength, as well as a pride for the Yucatec […]

Fishing trips in Canada

Every fishing enthusiast knows how thrilling it is to travel to different areas to test their skills and knowledge. Uncontaminated territory, Canada is an anglers dream of going, a paradise to live an unforgettable experience, defined as one of the best places for fans. Wide open spaces and many rivers, clear waters and clean, where fish reproduce easily and with a very […]

Beautiful Vancouver

Vancouver:  No. 1 in the world for quality of life in recent years How many cities in the world can boast this repeated result over the years like Vancouver ? In fact, no city in the world knows how to let live its inhabitants as she does. With its parks, its ordered and moderate traffic, is an international city but […]

Costa Rica: dream trips into nature in danger

Costa Rica exceeds the wildest imagination in terms of beauty, yet is a paradise in constant danger. Several efforts have been made in recent years to save the country and to prevent deforestation and abusive creation of resorts and areas dedicated to tourism, yet the fragile local ecosystem is likely still to be altered forever.In Costa Rica banana plantations besiege […]